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"OMG I have been to so many "women" events and they usually just share information I can find on Google..but THIS EVENT wow the energy, the execution, the panels all so amazing."

Premier Panel


There are so many African women across industries doing amazing, trailblazing things in their fields. And there are even more women who are looking for advice or inspiration to start pursuing their goals. AfroKlash will provide a space for all of these women to come together, commune and have conversations. Our premier panel events provides a platform for the creators, influencers, business women, founders to engage more intimately with their audiences. And it provides an avenue for women who are seeking inspiration to hear direct, tangible insight on how they can take steps to further their aspirations.

What Past Speakers are saying...

Amazing Event

"Congratulations on putting together such an amazing event. It was super successful and beautiful and I can see how much heart and effort you put into this. Thank you SO much for having me I really enjoyed being on the panel. Praying for many more successful events in the future and I can't wait to see what you do next!"

Lola Adesina


"Yesterday's panel talk was amazing!!! So many gems were dropped I even took notes. I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and I loved it!! The old Nife would have talked herself out of doing this out of fear. It's rewarding to do something that you wanted to do but were afraid to try" 

Nifesimi Akingbe

Thoroughly Enjoyed

"Thank you for everything Bosola! I thoroughly enjoyed every single thing about the event. Looking forward to the next one!"

Anifa Mvuemba

An unmatched Community

I had a BLAST. I seriously haven't stopped thinking about the space you created. I've been in quite a few rooms over the last five years, and the warmth and openness of the community YOU created with AfroKlash is unmatched

Nneka Julia

Local Social


In today’s social media obsessed and post pandemic world, research has shown that loneliness is at its height across the world with people feeling more isolated than ever before. Our Local Socials are our more casual, intentionally smaller, intimate events for communities of women to come together to engage with new connections and grow their local networks within their cities of residence.

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